Who We Are

Portland General Store is the premier creator of all-natural skin care products for well-made men and women. PGS was founded in 2007 by Lisa Brodar and Troy Tyler, who brought a fresh approach from outside the cosmetics industry and began crafting products, by hand, in small batches, drawing inspiration from vintage, all-natural recipes. Entirely bootstrapped, Portland General Store has grown through sheer pluck and now sells its products at fine specialty retailers around the world.


What We Believe

Our mission is to provide men and women unsurpassed performance in our personal care products without the use of man-made, synthetic chemicals. All-natural is not only better for your body but also sustainable and, therefore, better for our communities and our planet. Finally, all-natural can be and should be beautiful: We strive to create scents which are pleasing to smell and packaging which is pleasing to behold.


What We Do

We use only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, and support our local Maine farmers and artisans by sourcing locally, when possible. We give customers great value by minimizing our marketing and overhead costs and maximizing the quantity and quality of our raw ingredients. We lead the industry in product innovation and constantly experiment with new products and formulas.