Look of the Season: Surfer Hair

Trends in hair styles this year include two looks with not much in between: closely shaved heads or rough and ready (think surfer shag). Personally I'm a fan of the more casual, longer "rough and ready" look, especially if the rest of a man is well groomed.

How to achieve the surfer shag look:

  1. Skip the haircut - First, you need to grow out your hair. Grow it so that it reaches down to your eyes and to the bottom of your ears on the sides. Be patient, as you'll go through an awkward, in between growing out stage when it's too long to style but too short to look California surf.
  2. Get a haircut - Once long enough, get a haircut to shape the shag. Layers are key, best achieved with a razor to create separation and a "deconstructed" look.
  3. Use product - For styling, use a light or medium hold, matte pomade, as you don't want too much hold or that greased back look. Pomade is best applied when hair is dry. Rub a small amount between the palms and apply with the fingertips sort of scratching the hair to achieve texture and separation and that "beachy, I was just surfing all day" look.
  4. Shampoo every other day - There's no better excuse to not shampoo every day than to look on trend! Over washing strips the scalp of its natural oils, and a little bit of oil will aid in that deconstructed look you're trying to achieve, while also improving your hair's health. Choose a natural shampoo like PGS' Thick Shampoo, that consists of ingredients that don't strip your hair of those oils when you do shampoo. Conditioning after shampooing adds shine and helps repair dry hair.


July 16, 2018 by Lisa Brodar

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