2017 will be here in a week, and while I have many of my own resolutions that I continually work on throughout the year, I like starting a new year off by further working on my goals. One goal of mine over this past year was to simplify my life in its entirety. This post will focus on simplifying your skincare regime, and what I've learned from my own experience and working in the field of skincare. While I am turning 46 on January 1, this regime is great for all ages -- if only I knew what I know now, I would've begun this in my twenties and maybe I would look even younger!

Part of preserving the beauty of one's skin (and a youthful appearance) includes diet. I strongly believe that diet plays a very important role in the health, and the appearance of, your skin. I've written about it before that starting the morning off with a full glass of water helps keep your skin hydrated, especially as we age (your skin loses more water with age, which equals wrinkles). Also, for every cup of coffee or glass of wine you drink, drink at least the same amount of water.

I also am addicted to oil, oil, oil. I use it for everything! I use it to dry cleanse, no matter how much makeup I am wearing -- it works! Personally, I like to tone after dry cleansing, especially if I've been out all day, or in a city where there is more air pollution. After cleansing, I personally like to reapply a thin layer of oil -- I recommend experimenting with what your skin needs -- and I reapply first thing in the morning. Because I'm in my mid forties, the more moisture I can put in and on my body, the better (and again, the less wrinkles I will have). Using amazing ingredients like organic cloudberry sourced from Lapland, plus camellia flower oil and argan oil, I also formulated our new oil to have aromatherapy qualities with a scent that purifies the body and spirit, heals depression, anxiety, and fatigue, and has a calming and soothing effect. By the way, using oil as a cleanser and moisturizer should not be limited to women; hence why the scent of our oil is a light oriental woody suited for everyone.

Recently I discovered a little trick to reduce morning eye puffiness. First thing in the morning, I put a little cold water under my eyes using a cotton pad or wash cloth. I then apply a drop of oil using a light tapping motion with my fingertip under each eye, starting at the outer corner.


 What are your resolutions?


December 26, 2016 by Lisa Brodar

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