Is a Dirty Man Attractive?

We were recently approached with this question from a customer:

"I'm an arborist, and since I'm mostly in the field working with trees, my clothes for work usually have some dirt and grime on them. Some girls say it's attractive to see a guy get his hands dirty and like the smell of a guy who works outside. I often stop at the store on my way home from being out in the field, and am curious if I come across as attractive to girls when I'm just in my regular, dirty work clothes."

So we asked some of our girlfriends, and got the dirt on "Is a dirty man attractive?".

"If the guy is attractive to me, then I don't mind if he is dirty from working at a craft he loves. Of course, I love when that same guy also cleans up well, and bonus points if he has a great sense of style."

"I love a man who works hard, and often find men who are running errands at the local Home Depot that are in their work clothes hot."

"My boyfriend's a woodworker, and I love visiting him at his shop. The smell of his sweat and wood chips totally do it for me!"

"Guys that look dirty are attractive. Guys who smell dirty, not so much."

Meantime, while we totally love guys that work hard, especially if it's at a craft they love, we also love men who clean up well.

Some favorite "Get dirty but clean up" products are:

  1. Hunting Camp Soap
  2. Face Bomb
  3. Whiskey Shave Set
  4. Wood Hand Cream
  5. Wunderbar


April 20, 2018 by Lisa Brodar

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