Less is More

When it comes to Summer skincare, less is the new more.

I love summer because I often let nature embrace herself upon me. I bathe in the ocean or a Maine lake and leave my hair sun-kissed and wavy (maybe take a quick shower to rinse off the sand); playing on the beach-y theme, I roll on some natural cologne like SALTWATER before going to dinner and drinks with friends; I forgo the makeup except for a natural lip gloss; and at night before I retire, wipe my face clean with a toner and massage oil all over my face.

A tip for the guys: forgo the sand-attracting stubble and keep a clean shaven face during Summer. My favorite Summer shaving regime for men includes our soothing shaving cream or jelly, followed by a splash of Whiskey or Saltwater after shave. If you do use a wet shave soap, apply an oil before and/or after shaving.

Finally, it doesn't get much simpler than carrying around a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Drinking 8 glasses a day will help keep your skin hydrated when you've been exposed to a lot of sun and heat, as well as aid in preventing wrinkles and dry patches.


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