New Bespoke Cologne. Packaged in a 50ML bottle with atomizer and made to order in one of our existing formulations, or work with us to create a custom scent online or in-person at our Portland, Maine studio.

Portland General Store colognes are inspired by recipes we’ve found from the 1920s and ‘30s. Our all-natural ingredients are a blend of organic denatured bergamot alcohol, CO2, absolutes and essential oils—and each scent is blended by hand in small batches.

BOOTLEGGER – In 2010 PGS introduced a cologne inspired by and named after an illicit, high-proof spirit brewed in homemade stills. In 2013, we were hauled into a Texas court under demand to stop selling it. Plucky like its outlaw namesakes', we now bring you "Bootlegger", formerly known as Moonshine -- trust us, it still smells as sweet!

CARDAMOM – Re-released for Fall 2018, this updated version is spicy and tea-like, with hints of pimento berry, lemon, sage buter, benzoin, and rooibas.

FARMER'S – No scents equal calm cows. Or at least certain scents. Inspired by cowboys, ranchers, and the modern farmer, FARMER'S cologne contains 100% essential oils that are aromatherapeutic and pleasing to cows and livestock. Native woods, earth, leaves, and wildflowers are blended in a base of wild crafted Australian Sandalwood and organic denatured bergamot alcohol. The scent is smooth and masculine, reminiscent of the all American cowboy, leaning on his worn leather saddle, with the sun and dust clouds casting a warm light across his weathered skin. He's an icon so powerful that every man wants to be him and every woman wants to have him.

MAINE – A scent to celebrate the rugged land and hardy spirit of Maine, with notes from the sea and forest.

MOSS - Oakmoss lends a dewy, musky fragrance that over time becomes powdery, yet doesn't lose its complexity. Hints of citrus -- orange blossoms and lemons -- add freshness and complexity. Sandalwood and exotic woods round out this melding pot of ingredients and bring all the fragrances together.

PALO SANTO – Palo Santo is a fragrant wood from South America. Our variety was ecologically sourced & artisian distilled from wild harvested Palo Santo Wood in Peru. We combined it with the rare Hiba wood and Guaiac wood, and rounded it out with a hint of spicy floral and soft orange. PALO SANTO is between a floral woody and woody oriental scent that is perfect for both men and women.

PROFESSOR – Reminding of tweed jackets, leather, and cherry pipe tobacco. Starts off rich and dark, and eventually melds with your skin and wears like vintage wool. A perfect fall scent.

SALTWATER - Like a refreshing dip in the sea. Notes of celery, citrus, clary sage and musk combine to make this a complex, refreshing, from a time past yet modern scent. And we actually added Atlantic sea salt to give it an authentic, fresh twist.

TOBACCO — Sweet tobacco with some floral elements. Top notes of bergamot, lavender, and neroli open to tobacco, leather, and wood. Tonka beans, with their scent reminiscent of freshly mown hay, add softness to the striking blend. Over time, the lingering scent on the skin is a soft, powdery scent with hints of the above essences.

WHISKEY – Bring out that inner Brando with this elegant and charismatic fragrance, updated from a classic 1920s recipe. Power and masculinity are obvious in the deep wood and amber, and an unexpected hint of spice and floral complexity reveals itself over the hours.

WOOD – Handsome notes of cedar, with hints of lime, vetiver grass, spruce, and aromatic hiba wood.

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