Our Story

Portland General Store began in the kitchen of Lisa & Troy’s Portland, Maine, townhouse in 2007. The couple had relocated from New York to live a more self-sustainable life.

After a couple of years of experimenting with formulas inspired by the early twentieth century, the PGS line was launched. Lisa's dream was to offer people the highest quality natural grooming products without sacrificing efficacy.

In 2010, they moved the business to an old fruit warehouse in the Old Port, where they are headquartered today. Lisa, a.k.a.. "the nose", still makes a handful of products, including cologne, beard oil, and candles. Troy continues to bring innovative ideas in sales, marketing, and design to the team, and always has a top-secret project in the works!

Their future goals for PGS remain the same: to offer people organic grooming essentials that are well designed, and a good value, while remaining transparent about the ingredients that they use. All ingredients come from ethical sources and organic farms, local when possible. They donate a percentage of sales to organizations that they are passionate about, including the Maine State Beekeepers Association, as Lisa is a beekeeper. They are continually evolving the line as they learn about ingredients and as new research becomes available.

Above: Lisa testing Farmer's Cologne on Randall Cows at Winter Hill Farm in Freeport, Maine.