BOOTLEGGER - vegan and organic


Portland General Store colognes are inspired by recipes we’ve found from the 1920s and ‘30s. Our all-natural ingredients are a blend of organic denatured bergamot alcohol, CO2, rare absolutes, attars and essential oils—and each scent is blended by hand in small batches. We offer six primary scents, and one or two limited edition colognes that change annually.

BOOTLEGGER – In 2010 PGS introduced a cologne inspired by and named after an illicit, high-proof spirit brewed in homemade stills. In 2013, we were hauled into a Texas court under demand to stop selling it. Plucky like its outlaw namesakes', we now bring you "Bootlegger", formerly known as Moonshine -- trust us, it still smells as sweet!

Fragrance – a deep oriental musk with hints of tangerine, nutmeg, saffron, and sandalwood. 

A note about natural colognes:

Natural colognes behave differently than fragrances that contain synthetic materials. They evolve on the wearer over time, blossoming on the skin as they combine with each person's unique body chemistry. They are nourishing to the spirit and uplifting, and are a natural alternative to the majority of mainstream colognes on the market. Stored properly (cool and dry place), they will last forever.

*This product is vegan and at least 85% organic

Packed in a 15ml clear glass bottle with screw top


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