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WILDER – The warm embrace of pipe tobacco, old books, and travel. The opening is spicy tobacco, wool, and orris butter. The dry down calms into the scent of warm wood, taking one back in time to rail car travel through the pastoral countryside while reading old leather-bound books and sipping Scotch. Indescribably narcotic and, despite the traditional masculinity of the notes, long-wearing and sultry on both men and women.  


Top: Pipe Tobacco, Scottish Wool, Sidecar
Heart: Mahogany, Lavender, Orris Butter
Base: Sandalwood, Countryside

Portland General Store colognes are inspired by recipes we’ve found from the 1920s and ‘30s. Our all-natural ingredients are a blend of organic denatured bergamot alcohol, CO2, absolutes and essential oils—and each scent is blended by hand in small batches.