Dry Oil Cleansing Workshop


A top local holiday gift choice!

Start the New Year with a cleanse.

Learn the art of dry oil cleansing. What is oil cleansing? Popular in Asia and stemming from the idea that oil dissolves oil, this type of cleansing is especially popular for people with dehydrated, oily skin. Cleansing with soap and other harsh cleansing products can actually cause more oil production.

Join skincare expert and natural perfumer Lisa Brodar, Alexandra Blake Messenger, owner of Blake Orchard Juicery, and yoga instructor (TBD), for our first skin cleanse workshop.

Workshop will start with a 1/2 hour of yoga, followed by a brief introduction to juice cleansing by Alexandra Blake Messenger.  The last hour of the workshop will focus on oil cleansing. Each participant will receive a PGS Oil, a hydrosol spritzer, and a Blake Orchard Skin Cleanser juice. 

Limited to 10 participants.

Date: 1/23/17

Time: 5-7 pm

Place: 43 York Street, Portland, Maine