PGS Cologne Sampler - vegan and organic


New to PGS? Try a sample of our fragrances!

Our fragrances are 100% natural using the highest qualities oils and absolutes. We don't use fragrance oils or denatured alcohol in our colognes.

Samples are poured into reusable, travel-size 65 x 8 mm glass vials. Vials are about 3/4 full, which equals 1.2 ml per cologne. This is a great value.

Choose between two sets:

Dark: Wilder, Whiskey, Tobacco, Professor, Bootlegger

Light: Saltwater, Palo Santo, Wood, Maine, Moss

10-Scent Sampler: Sample all of our colognes at $5 off

(See shop for details)

*This product is vegan and at least 85% organic

Due to the handmade nature of this item, please allow roughly 5 business days for this item to ship. If you need it sooner, send an email to

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