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New! Choose a 2 ounce travel size Whiskey Splash, or our original 4 ounce size.

WHISKEY After-Shave Splash with sea minerals bathes the skin with the amazing and nourishing properties of the sea. Made without drying alcohol, our splash is a natural alternative for the post-shave routine, full of enriching and refreshing ingredients—sea kelp extract, blue-green algae, organic aloe vera juice, and tea tree essential oil. Infused with our popular WHISKEY scent, and reminiscent of an ol' yachtsman relaxing below deck at the end of a long day on the wild ocean, a favorite Scotch in hand. The splash is particularly quenching after a wet shave with WHISKEY Old-Fashioned Wet Soap.

Packed in a 120ml amber glass bottle with flow-limiter cap

*This product is vegan 

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