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Shave Kit with Whiskey Wet Shave Puck


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Beautifully crafted enamelware mug made of the highest quality and is unbreakable should your soapy hands fumble. Comes with one best-selling WHISKEY wet shave puck.

While this mug is dishwasher safe, we recommend cleaning it with plain old soap and water.

The mug is safe for those with a nickel allergy.

The mug is the opposite of disposable - you'll use it forever, however, it is 100% recyclable.

Wet Shaving Directions: For best results, shave while or after showering. Wet a shaving brush with hot water, whisk over surface of shave soap in a circular motion to generate a rich and creamy lather. Apply lather on face and shave with the grain. For a closer shave, repeat lathering process and shave lightly against or across the grain. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

Please note: this item does not fit in our new Gift Box.

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